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First Light was formed by Ronnie Johnson and Geoff Dunn following their long association with Van Morrison as Guitarist/Musical Director and Drummer/Percussionist respectively.

The band has toured to critical acclaim in Europe and North America, with their first album being voted critics choice in the US magazine ‘Guitar’.

The group’s music is described by the international press as ‘uncommonly melodic’.

Their new CD, ‘Field Day’, was recorded at various locations around the world and mixed by the legendary Jan Erik Konshaug at Rainbow Studios Oslo.

Read Brian Blain's review of the Field Day CD, from Jazz UK Magazine.

Geoff Dunn and Ronnie Johnson were interviewed for the Allemeine Zeitung Mainz in October. Read a translation of the interview here.

The album ‘Field Day’ is available now,
from this site and by mail order.

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